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"I was very moved and felt gratitude for the messages you received for me. I love how careful and loving you are when relaying messages; your kindness in relaying them made me feel comfort, thank you."

– Marsha, CA

"Brenda’s sessions helped me to hear my inner voice/higher self when I needed to make big life decisions. She also helped me to get connected with my guides/deceased loved ones through her guides. If you need guidance or you just need confirmation to move one step forward, Brenda will assist you. Her good attitude towards life reflects on her sessions. Her positive energy will help you move forward with your life."

– Katsumi, CA

About Me

My name is Brenda and I am here to help those who are still in the process of coming into their own Being. It's a pleasure to be of service to you throughout your own journey.

My process is one of guidance that is uniquely tailored for your own Soul. As an embodied Soul, I am an open Source guide which means that the guidance that is brought through is not bound by any particular religion, values or beliefs. Psychic, Channeling, Energy Healing and Soul to Soul Vision Questing are aspects of who I am. What comes through, is to be for the highest good of those involved, as determined by their Souls/guides.

I was given the title, "Channel for the Soul" by my guides years ago. However, as I have moved further into my development and Soul embodiment, there has been a transition to "Guidance for the Soul" with channeling being just one of many aspects/abilities of who I am, and with the understanding that the channeling falls under the umbrella of guidance.

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